7 Essential Road Trip Tips

Summer is the ideal time for a family excursion, and what could be more enjoyable than an excursion! Besides the sights, sounds, and scents of ‘greener fields’, the journey is more important than the destination. So here are a couple of guidelines to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the outing as you seem to be.

Check Out your Vehicle fluids

Just like you need to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated through the journey, your car also needs sufficient fuel and lubricants to control ahead at top speed. Before you take off, check for sufficient fluids under your hood – oil/diesel, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and AC coolant. Also, Check for drops or stains under your car – there might be a leakage.

Check the Tire Pressure & Puncture

While pressure may not be good for your health but in the case of cars, it’s important to check the air pressure in your tires before heading out for a road trip. While you’re planning for a road trip, check for the spare tyre in your boot, and ensure that the jack and wheel torque is working appropriately.

Need for Speed

Who doesn’t enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes while driving at top speed on an open road? However, for an exciting but risk-free involvement, ensure your battery is charging legitimately. However, for a genuinely exciting but a risk-free experience, ensure that your car’s battery is charging properly. Another tip, particularly when the monsoon is approaching. Make sure that your windshield wipers are in working condition on the off chance if the climate report peruses, ‘Sunshine, with slight rain’.

Light it Up

In the event that your road trip involves traveling after the sunset, make sure that the headlights, tail lights, emergency lights, indicators/signals and the horn are all in fine working condition. Check all these things even if it’s a day trip too for a safe journey.

Stay cool

We all want to enjoy the feeling of the cool air coming from the air conditioners on a hot & humid day. So, it’s very important in summers to check out the air filters of your car and make sure that there is a proper cooling inside the car. Also, you can use some seat covers to prevent the excess heating of your car during summers while being parked in the scorching sunlight for a long time.

Some Other Important Tips

Download an offline map of the route for your destination instead of relying on only the GPS as sometimes it might stop functioning due to loss of signals or battery issue.

Also, don’t forget to carry a power bank with you for your mobile phone, as its battery can die any time so it’s better to be ready with the alternate solutions for an emergency instead of getting panic & end up on missing on important calls. Last, but not the least don’t miss out on keeping your important medicines & a first aid box in your bag for any serious health issues.

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