7 Things: Check After Service

After coming back from a long & overhauling tour, the mileage visible on your speedometer is a clear indication of the days well spent traveling along uneven roads and sloping hills. But, all the muddy worn-out tires, scratched paint & polish of the bumper and rough windshield wipers which have gone hard due to the dust are indicating that it’s the time to get your car serviced.

After getting your car serviced & while waiting for its arrival at the service center, here’s a list of fundamental things to check after the car servicing.

1) Engine & Battery

Engine and Battery are the two most important elements of your car, which are the most critical parts among all on your full car service checklist. Only ensuring the sound working of the engine and battery, also check for the engine oil & coolant refill; and also the engine belts, the radiator including the electric wiring & spark plugs, all should be in a first class condition.

2) Brakes & Steering

Just like a sprinter is weak & disable without his legs similarly, a car without brakes is useless. Subsequently, the second most vital thing to check after getting your car serviced is the condition of the brakes and level of brake liquid. After, brakes check & test the clutch, power-steering, horn, gearbox and the suspension.

3) Tires

Your car’s tire experience the most extreme wear and tear during travel. That is the reason it’s fundamental to get them serviced or changed, if needed, on the way to your arrival for home. Your tires need to be changed if the air pressure is low or if there are unfix-able-punctures, tire tread depth is also low. Don’t forget to check the strength of the spare tire in the boot. Guarantee wheel balancing & alignment has also been ticked off as done in the full car service checklist.

4) Wipers & Lights

Constant utilization of the windshield wipers, particularly amid the storms & monsoons, could affect its proper functioning & can even cause the scratches on the windshield. Make sure that your service center focuses on these issues and also tops up them with the wiper fluid for better functioning. Aside from wipers, the headlights and taillights also need to be inspected.

5) Interiors

Safety, Security & Cooling is vital for passengers in your car. Ensure that the service center has inspected the air filter, a vent, safety belts, door locks & hinges, and rear view mirror reflect after car servicing to guarantee that everything is in a good condition.

6) Exteriors

Scratched paint and dents on your car’s body are common with frequent road trips. However, while you get your paint & polishing job gets done at the service station, always make sure to check your side mirrors, number plate, etc. & look if any harm is being done or not.

7) Test Drive

Once you get your car perfectly clean and shiny from every perspective after the service, now is the time to go for a test drive to guarantee that all the above parameters have been ticked off in the full-service checklist.

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