TATA Motors

How safe are TATA Cars?

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing automobile market which is transforming itself to match safety standards. We know India has the highest number of road fatalities globally. The idea of a safe car is coming up, slowly but steadily in the country. Though, the parameters of automobile safety have evolved constantly. Majority of manufacturers have started…


Reason To Buy Tata Tiago

The Tiago has been the game changer for Tata. It’s the primary car from Tata that has become a good hit for the brand from beginning. The Tiago has been gaining a lot of numbers with every passing month, Tata sold-out 5,438 units of the vehicle. What makes Tata people purchase the Tiago? Let’s find out. Great Value of Money Tata cars have continuously been good value-for-money. The Tiago takes that one step further. The hatchback appearance premium, and however costs begin from Rs. 3.2 lakh for the petrol version, that is cheaper…