Preparing your Car: Winters Tips

Have you at any point confronted with the issues like foggy windshields, slow pick-up or troubles in starting your car in winters? There are some of the common obstacles that you might experience while driving during the cold season in India but, these inconveniences can be easily avoided by getting your car prepared in advance for the winters. Below are some of the general issues that your car faces during the cold season along with the solution to those problems.

#1. Avoid Reviving your car for Some Time

If you have ever observed that most of the times the temperature meter on your car’s dashboard is frequently at ‘C’ which implies that your car’s engine oil is cold. During such a condition the fuel takes to reach the engine so, it becomes difficult to start the vehicle & that’s why it is always recommended to start kick-start your vehicle in the early morning. Many people will instruct you to leave the engine on for a couple of minutes before driving, which is not the right thing. Rather, you should simply abstain from driving at a high speed for the initial first kilometers.

#2. Maintain Battery Levels

Keeping up your vehicle’s battery during winters is critically very important because its charging capacity is reduced due to the cold weather & frosty climate, keeping it from reviving rapidly. Accordingly, it is advised to get your battery checked by a qualified mechanic or you can also get your battery checked by filling it up with the distilled water as needed.

 If you’re sure that the battery won’t keep going for long, it’s better to supplant the battery completely. You should also clean and refill your battery cells during the winter season, in case if you don’t want to purchase a new one.

You can also keep a couple of jumper cables handy, in case your battery runs down suddenly.

#3. Check your Car Lights

If it is the time of heavy fog in your area then, ensure that the headlights of your car are lighting up & illuminating up the street adequately. Likewise, also make sure that your vehicle’s tail lights are visible from a certain distance. Get their alignment checked & the burned out bulbs removed. In the event that you need to clean the exterior of the headlamps, it is advisable to use the car wax rather than a dry rag as cloth can cause scratches on the lights.

#4. Keep your Windshield & Wipers Clean

If you’re driving in the fog & hazy weather then, you must ensure that your car wipers must be sharp with soft blades so, that it doesn’t cause any scratch on your windshield proving you a clear vision. If the wipers have turned out dry and hard then, just replace them with new wipers having sharp edges. In the event that the wipers aren’t powerful, check your defroster to inspect whether it is functioning admirably. Windshields likewise have a tendency to end up foggy in the winter because of the temperature contrast between the outside and within your vehicle. Keep it clean to maintain a strategic distance from other vehicles.  It is prescribed to add some radiator fluid to your windshield washer liquid if you’re living at a place where temperature normally dips under zero.

#5. Confirm If your Engine is Working Or Not?

Flush and refill the cooling arrangement of your auto amid winter to counteract. To prevent any possible overheating, flush & refill the cooling arrangement of your car on a regular basis. Check the level, condition, and grouping of the coolant routinely. Top the coolant up or transform it if important. Likewise, check the condition and tightness of drive belts, hoses and each of the clamps.

#6. Check the Tyres

Tires standout amongst the most essential parts of your car as it is the sole point of association between the vehicle and the road surface.

Check the tread profundity; if the tires are exhausted, supplant them instantly.

Similarly, check the tire pressure all the time to ensure you don’t have an experience with a punctured tire on an icy winter morning.

Keep in mind that tire pressure can drop with the outside temperature and this could cause a considerable measure of problems if not checked properly.

#7. Check Defroster & Climate Control

As the winter begins, bear in mind to check the defroster and the atmosphere control system of the car.

The two assume to be an essential part in cold weather, while your car’s climate control system helps you keep warm when the outside temperature is getting cold, the defroster enables your car to prevent the formation of ice on the windows.

#8. Check the Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important systems that ensure your safety while driving.

During cold weather, the braking distance of your car could increase due to wet and slippery road conditions, raising an alarm for your safety.

So, make sure that the brakes of your car are working perfectly.

#9. Check the Air Filter

Over a time, dust contaminants often gather, accumulate and chock the air filter. A clogged/blocked filter can blow the contaminants into the car’s cabin while using the car’s a/c or heater, affecting your health. Get the air channels cleaned and supplanted if essential.

You would not prefer to see your favorite car suffer on account of the chilly climate. Thus, with the approaching winter, simply follow these tips and prevent your vehicle from any potential harm.

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