Since the inception of TATA MOTORS in 1991 with their first car TATA Sierra which was a powerful and performance driven multi utility vehicle of that time,  It was said that TATA is known for their low cost, low maintenance and high performance car, today after 28years of manufacturing cars in Indian market TATA Motors have myriad models of their cars in their bucket and all these cars are known for their high performance.

In January 2008 from launching TATA Nano a car which was a gift for lower class segment which comes under the price range of 2 lacs to TATA Harrier which comes with a price tag of 17 lacs (XM Diesel Model) , TATA have everything to everyone, and the most important thing here is the trust of TATA Group which they build since 1868.

So, what makes TATA Motors different from others:-

The first thing which everyone knows is the name TATA a 151 years old group.

TATA have a diversified portfolio of cars as well as trucks

The TATA Motors Group
  1. The low cost and low maintenance vehicles

TATA Motors offers a tough class body and a high performance engine in their every car whether it is Nano or Tiago, Tigor or Harrier.

In 1998 TATA launches its fuel efficient car TATA Indica which was a passenger car basically but this was the car which changes the scenario of passenger cars in India, till that time in India there was no passenger cars which was fuel efficient and having a tough body parts.

2.1) The powerful Fuel efficient in its own range with high performance

The fuel efficient cars by TATA

The average mileage of TATA cars lies between 23 and 27 Km/litre, where TATA Tiago gives on an average the mileage of 23.84kmpl, TATA Tigor gives an average of around 26kmpl and so on the other vehicles of TATA.

2.2) The low cost over the servicing of TATA cars

Sevicing the engine

 Even the service cost on TATA cars were lesser than the other players into the market and also every showroom have some discount or occasional offers with them to offer to their customer while they came for servicing their cars.

  1. Best cars for safety purpose

The cars of TATA also known for their safety and security features, as we already discuss above that TATA cars have tough body and due to that these cars are more secure than others in its range.


TATA NEXON is one of the best example of the cars which TATA Motors manufactures while keeping safety measures in their mind.

This premium SUV car have aerodynamic design with exhilarating performance which comes with 110PS turbocharged engine also Nexon received a 5 star safety rating from Global NCAP.

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