How safe are TATA Cars?

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing automobile market which is transforming itself to match safety standards. We know India has the highest number of road fatalities globally. The idea of a safe car is coming up, slowly but steadily in the country.

Though, the parameters of automobile safety have evolved constantly. Majority of manufacturers have started providing airbags, ABS feature and speed limit indicators as a standard feature across all variants. Preferably, buying a car with adequate safety features should be on the priority of our list now.

TATA Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers which majorly focuses on safety, they recently established a new landmark for car safety in the Indian Automobile Industry.

With the increased awareness towards safety, TATA Motors always come up with good protection and stable structure vehicles with its bold and futuristic designs. We can see this in their recently designed vehicles like Zest, Tiago, Nexon, and Harrier, which are built-up with high strength steel and has immense energy absorbing body structure. With a high focus on safety first and forever, Nexon SUV secured a five-star rating. The first and only car in India to achieve a 5-Star safety rating. At the initial stage, TATA Zest achieved 4-Star rating on safety measures a few years back and finally a full 5-Star with the Nexon SUV.

Understanding the severity and the need of safety features in a car, the company will keep on working on the newer technologies to keep their pace, as they constantly want to enhance safety aspect across its vehicles going ahead. They are trying to improve their market, through their new range of cars which are high on safety features. Their agenda is not only to meet the global NCAP standards but also exceed the minimum safety rating requirement prescribed locally. 

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