Top 5 Car Owner Do’s & Dont’s

Your safety and that of your co-passengers is the thing that you should consider before leaving for any trip, whether it is long or short. We design our cars keeping in mind the safety & security of our occupants always. Besides this one should also remember the important safety tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe &  secure while on a drive. Highlighted beneath are some of them.

1) Check the Tire Pressure

Variation in temperature and surrounding moisture can also influence the tire pressure. Tire pressure can lead to major accidents if not accurate. Therefore, it is recommended to check the tire pressure each week on a regular basis even if the’re tubeless or not.

2) Check the Wiper Blades

A clear perceivability is must while driving, regardless of the season. To guarantee the same, vehicle manufacturers outfit their cars with wipers. Since, wipers are used on a day-day basis especially in the rainy season for wiping out the accumulated water on the windshield therefore, they need to be clean, soft with sharp blades for an effective cleaning.

It is advisable to check the wipers periodically during the monsoons to check if they’re working properly or not . Replace them immediately if they’re not soft, clean or not having sharp blades. This activity shouldn’t be restricted during the rainy season only because dust particles keeps on settling on the wiper blades which not only affects their working but also hardens their blades causing scratches on the windshield resulting in poor vision.

3) Use Dipper at Night while Driving in the City

It is encouraged to use the dipper lights while driving around evening time in the city so that the pedestrians & the occupants of the cars who are on the opposite side to you can see your when your’s vehicle beam is on.  Therefore, it is recommended to use the higher beam where there is a problem of distance visibility.

4) Learn to Change the Spare-Wheel

Generally, all cars have a spare wheel for emergency purpose. Figure out how to change it alone. Doing as such will help you incredibly at whatever point you suffer a punctured tire or experience other wheel-based issues, regardless of whether a technician isn’t promptly accessible. However, most extreme care must be taken while changing the tires to stay away from the injuries. Seek advice from a professional, if you don’t know the basics of replacing the wheels.

5) Wear Seat Belts

It has been demonstrated that the probability of fatal injuries is greatly reduced when the inhabitants of a vehicle are wearing seat belts while driving. They keep your body from hitting the steering wheel, the windshield or the back of the front seats amid a mischance. Not, only for the drivers it is advisable for the co-passengers (those sitting at the back seats) to wear the seat belts.

Don’t Do’s

1) Don’t Miss your Servicing Schedule

Servicing & maintaining your car regularly helps in keep it in an ideal condition, which reduces the chances of accidents & fatal injuries due to any mechanical or electrical failure. It likewise draws out the life of your vehicle fundamentally. So, don’t miss the opportunity to get your car serviced on time.

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